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PHOTO: Waldemir Barreto/Agência Senado

The political landscape in Brazil is challenging for all organizations, even for those that do not directly relate to the government. Brazilian political uncertainties affect the country's development and interfere in the lives of companies and civil society organizations operating within it. There is no possible development without institutional stability and no stability without commitment to the institutions.


The name Poliarco refers to this idea of ​​collective accountability. Created by Robert Dahl in the 1970s, the concept of polyarchy defines a complex and plural system — the possible democracy in the modern world — characterized by political competition and free elections. For Dahl, political stability derives from the general commitment to the institutions that regulate democratic coexistence. We add that this commitment is only really possible with the understanding of the institutions.


From our perspective, there is no unsolvable conflict between private and collective interest. The challenge lies precisely in mediating the complex range of projects that gives life to the public space. Contributing to this mediation and meeting challenges with dense, consistent and strategic knowledge is our main responsability.

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